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Report of the 3rd meeting held in Taipei!

We held the 3rd meeting of Asian Waterworks Utilities Network of Human Resources Development for 3 days from December 1st to 3rd, 2010 in Taipei.
The office of waterworks, Seoul Metropolitan Government and K-water from South Korea, and Taiwan Water Corporation and Kinmen Waterworks from Taiwan and Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government from Japan participated in the meeting and Taipei Water Department served as the secretariat.
At the meeting, each constituent member made a presentation about its approach for human resources development. They shared their opinions and also discussed about the future activities of the network.
I will inform you of the details as following.


・The Office of Waterworks, Seoul Metropolitan Government
We use the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) every quarter of the year to evaluate each project with four different perspectives such as customer service, policy outcome, creativity and organizational capability. Then we utilize the result for human resources development.

・K-water Academy
Our international training includes class lectures and field studies, among others. To train specialists, we carry out one-year training programs every year that are classified into seven fields in the technical sector and four fields in the management sector.

・Taipei Water Department
Facing the growing unprecedented challenges, an enterprise must deploy an efficient and effective decision making process and an adequately constructed management system. In this regard, a top-down model must be adopted to identify future strategies of the enterprise. The methodology to measure how we perform these strategies is developed as the Balanced Scorecard System.

・Taiwan Water Corporation
To promote human resources development, we focus on OFF-JT, OJT and self-improvement.
We have a facility with classrooms and practical training fields.

・Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
We are striving to improve our on-site capability. For instance, we promote OJT and utilize Knowledge Bank (a database of our technology and know-how).  Also, to enable our staff to deal with emergencies, we are developing Staff Education and Training System and are training with it.

【Meeting Summary】

After the presentations, we shared opinions about our aging and retiring staff passing down their skills. We also discussed the future activities of the network as follows.

  • It is important to set the theme in advance for sharing more concrete information.
  • The next meeting will be held in Tokyo during the same period as the 4th IWA-ASPIRE meeting in 2011, and we will aim for a snowball effect. The theme is “Passing down skills”.

Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government