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IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 Report



Major Events

Paper Presentation by Tokyo Waterworks

1. Outline

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 (1) Date

   16-21 September 2018, Tokyo, Japan

 (2) Schedule


 (3) Venue

   Tokyo Big Sight  Conference Tower, West Hall

 (4) Theme

   Shaping our water future
   Science, Practice and Policy for Sustainability and Resilience

 (5) The number of participants

   9,815 participants from 98 countries & regions(2,846 Congress delegates)

 (6) The number of papers

   Oral presentations:352 papers(among those, 113 papers from Japan)
   Poster presentations:633 papers(among those, 350 papers from Japan)

 (7) The number of exhibitors

   252 companies & organizations from 32 countries

 (8) Organizers, etc.

   ① Organizer:International Water Association

   ② Host Country Committee(HCC)

President: Yuriko Koike (Governor of Tokyo)
Chair: Hiroaki Hurumai
 (Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo)
Vice Chair: Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Japan Society on Water Environment
Japan Water Works Association
Japan Sewage Works Association
Member: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 
Ministry of the Environment
Japan Water Agency
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Japan Sewage Works Agency
Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology
Japan Sewage Treatment Plant Constructors Association
Japan Water Research Center
Federation of Japan Water Industries

 (9) Situation of participation in the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition

    In addition to the oral and poster presentations in the 2018 Tokyo Congress,
   Forums, Workshops, etc. were also held. Moreover, 9,815 people participated from
   98 countries and regions in the world, which was the largest number of
   participants in the past IWA World Congresses & Exhibitions.


 (10) Congress delegates in the World Congress

    The number of delegates was 2,846 amongst all the participants in the World
    A little more than 40% of delegates were from Japan, and then a great number
   of delegates attended from Europe and Asia excluding Japan. As with the past
   World Congresses, there were a large number of delegates from the host country
   and surrounding in Asia particularly from China, South Korea, and Taiwan.


 (11) Programme

 (12) Daily Video

9/16 9/17 9/18 9/19

2. Major Events

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Event names Details
16th September (Sun)
<Opening Ceremony>

・Their Imperial Highness The Crown Prince and Crown Princess, in addition to the Governor of Tokyo, the IWA President Diane D’Arass, and Ministers attended the Congress with their high expectations for its success.
・His Imperial Highness Crown Prince delivered a speech, “It is necessary to apply wisdom gleaned from history and contemporary advanced technology, and to take action by collaboration with global society.”
17th September (Mon)
<Keynote Plenary(Yuriko Koike Governor of Tokyo)>

・The Governor of Tokyo delivered a keynote speech under the title of “For a Sustainable Urban Water Cycle”.
・As the head of host city, the Governor transmitted efforts of realizing resilient and sustainable water and sewerage works, which support water cycle in urban city. In addition, the Governor announced to start a new initiative on water smart meter.
17th September (Mon)
<Disaster Countermeasures Forum>

・The forum, organized by the IWA, was held by the proposal from the Host Country Committee (HCC). The forum was divided into the following three sessions, and presentations, panel discussions, etc. were held:
1.Lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the recovery of water and sewerage works.
2.Enhancing water security
3.Toward resilient urban cities
・Aoki, the senior director of purification division of the Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as “Tokyo Waterworks”), presented under the title of “Resilience in Tokyo Waterworks: Towards a Sustainable Waterworks System”.
18th September (Tue)
<Cultural Evening>

・The event was held at Kiyosumi Gardens in Koto-ku, Tokyo.
・After the welcome remarks by Koike the Governor of Tokyo, followings were implemented: Kagamibiraki (sake barrel- breaking ceremony) :used to sake with Tokyo’s tap water; Karate’s performance; experiencing demonstration of Japanese tea-serving, etc.
・The Governor of Tokyo herself worn a happi coat (Japanese traditional piece of clothing) with Tokyo logo and had a pleasant talk with participants. Moreover, Tokyo’s culture and charm were spread to overseas participants such as dishes by Tokyo’s ingredients, introducing Furoshiki (square wrapping cloth), and Japanese traditional street performance.
19th September (Wed)
<Japan Business Forum>

・The Business Forum, organized by HCC, was held under the theme of “Water Management in Megacities”.
・In the first session, Prof. Takizawa, the University of Tokyo, and Mr. Matsumoto, Deputy Director General, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) delivered speeches.
・Mr. Tamura, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs of Tokyo Waterworks, presented under the title of “Managing Waterworks System in Megacity Tokyo”.
・In the second session, panel discussion was carried out with private companies facilitated by Prof. Takizawa.
20th September (Thu)
<Closing Ceremony>

・The signing ceremony of “The IWA principles for water-wise cities” was held in order to build sustainable urban water systems. Mr. Hasegawa, the Vice Governor of Tokyo, signed the document as a representative of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and addressed a speech.
・Afterward, the handing over ceremony was held to hand over the talking stick from Prof. Furumai, the Chair of Tokyo Congress to the Chair of Copenhagen Congress which is the next host city.
21st September (Fri)
<Technical Tours>

・The Technical Tours, organized by IWA, were implemented to travel around infrastructure facilities in the host country.
・Tokyo Waterworks had two out of all five courses in total: One day course for Asaka Purification Plant ~ construction site in Asaka-Kamiigusa Line, and half day course for Training Technical Development Center. A total of 44 people participated in both courses.
17th (Mon) - 20th (Thu) September

・There were 252 exhibitors from Japan and abroad, and 91 organizations which were consisted of Japanese companies and associations, joined in the Japan Pavilion.
・Upon commencing the Japan Pavilion, ribbon cutting ceremony was held by the executives of HCC subsequently to Koike the Governor of Tokyo.
・Tokyo Waterworks jointly exhibited as a Tokyo Metropolitan Government Group together with the Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government, TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd., Public Utility Services Center Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corporation.
16th (Sun) - 20th (Thu) September
<Tokyowater Drinking Station>

・During the event, we managed Tokyowater Drinking Station (hereinafter referred to as “DS”) in the Tokyo Big Sight, and a total of 7,867 people tasted Tokyo Tap Water for 5 days.
・Tokyo Waterworks’ staff operated DS, and actively promoted high quality water.

3. Paper Presentation by the Tokyo Waterworks

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Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government