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Efforts on energy efficiency and Environmental measures in the world

Message from Director General of Tokyo Waterworks

U.N. sponsored conference on Climate Change points out that global warming continues to progress. Thus there is a growing need for countermeasures.
Energy and environmental issues are common critical challenges for waterworks utilities. We, therefore, need to make further efforts in introducing of renewable energy source, promoting efficiency of pumps and facilities improvement considering energy efficiency.
This page is currently used to introduce the efforts by Tokyo Waterworks, and we are planning to add up-to-date information of other cities soon, as well as the case reports. What we have in our mind is its use as a forum for discussion.
Submissions of reference cases and updated information are welcome. We are looking forward to your active participations.

Tokyo Waterworks

Tokyo Waterworks 10 Year Plan for Energy Efficiency(PDF4,091KB)
Environmental Report 2019 Digest version(PDF2,953KB)
Prevention of Leakage in Tokyo 2019(PDF2,148KB)

Metro Vancouver

Drinking Water Management Plan Progress Report 2014(PDF1,365KB)

Sydney Water

Environment Plan 2014–19(PDF381KB)
Operating Licence Environment Report(PDF456KB)

Vienna Water (Wiener Wasser)

Water Cycle(PDF626KB)

TMG's efforts

For enquiry about participation, posting and introduction,
please contact here.

Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government